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Landlord and tenant laws were created as a means to protect both parties. Having a basic understanding of them is a good idea before either renting someone else’s’ property in Panama City or renting out your own.  The following is more general information about this field of law and how it can be implemented when it comes to rental property:

How Much Access Do Landlords Have to Rental Properties?

If you feel as the landlord that your property is in danger in some way, you can enter a rental unit without notice. However, if you are entering the property in order to make repairs and not due to anything the tenant did to your property, you have to give reasonable notice to your tenant. This is defined as 12 hours prior to entering the property. Reasonable hours for repair work are considered anytime from 7:30 in the morning to 8 in the evening.

What Happens if Rent Goes Unpaid?

For most tenant-landlord relationships, the breakdown often occurs with nonpayment of rent. As a landlord, you must provide the tenant with a written notice that they are overdue on their rent. This notice has to allow them three days to either pay what they owe or leave the premises. You must exclude legal holidays and weekends from these three days. After this notice has been served, if payment is not received within three days and the tenant isn’t moving out, you as the landlord can begin the legal process to have the renter evicted. Furthermore, if you are having trouble with a tenant who has violated their lease repeatedly throughout a 12 month period, you can give them an unconditional quit notice. This gives them seven days to move out. After this, you can begin the process of filing for eviction.

More About Tenant And Landlord Issues:

Why You Need Legal Advice

Tenants can withhold rent legally if repairs to the rental property are not being made. However, there are conditions on the types of repairs that qualify. A tenant can also sue a landlord for up to $5,000 for unreturned security deposits in certain situations. Because many of these laws are difficult to understand and even harder to adhere to, getting the help of a Panama City Residential and Commercial Real Estate Attorney like those at The Garmon Law Firm, PLLC is crucial. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, if you have legal questions regarding any rental issue and want to know more, call us today.

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