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Landlord - Tenant Rights

Landlord and tenant laws were created as a means to protect both parties. Having a basic understanding of them is a good idea before either renting someone else’s’ property in Panama City or renting out your own.  Read on for more general information about this field of law and how it can be implemented when it comes to rental property.

Traffic Tickets

Nearly everyone is cited for a traffic ticket at some point in their life. A traffic ticket or traffic offense conviction can add points onto a person’s license, threatening their ability to drive and raising their insurance rates. This can be especially harmful for those that drive commercially. If you have been ticketed and charged with a traffic offense, an experienced traffic ticket attorney can help you understand you legal rights and options.


If you leave a will, your loved ones will know for sure how you want to divide up your assets. You will name an executor, who will be someone you trust, who will make sure that your wishes from your will are carried out. You can also specify in your will how you want your funeral arrangements, to save your loved ones the stress of making those decisions themselves. Also, if you have minor children, you can name guardians who will care for them if you die before they reach adulthood.

General Practice 

I don't spend all my time doing one kind of law, which means that I can form a relationship with my clients and help them in many stages of their lives. For instance, I can help a client with a divorce at one point, and estate planning at another.

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