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Whether it is an attorney, doctor’s office, or the DMV, we have all been there… You make an appointment, show up early, and receive a stack of papers to fill out. You are told “Fill these out and we will be right with you” as you sit down in a crowded waiting room. While you are filling out your mountain of paperwork you are possibly asked for your ID and other information. All the while you are wondering, why couldn’t I have done this already?

We value your time and when you have an appointment we want to be ready for it! You can enter your contact details, case information, and other important information before you ever arrive. Be sure to include a good contact email! We won’t send you any spam and we will never share your information. This email will be used to set up a secure, encrypted, client portal where messages and documents can be shared instantly.

After you have established a case we will schedule an in office meeting or video conference intake consultation, whichever you prefer.

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