Student Teaches His Professor an Important Lesson: Details Matter

In the practice of law, much like life, the smallest detail can make a monumental difference. Analyzing what something says is easily achieved by most but analyzing what it means can be another matter all together. Recently a college professor walked into his classroom for the semesters first test day to find a student with a 3′ x 5′ poster board full of notes. The professor checked his syllabus and there was in-fact no unit of measurement assigned to the “3 x 5” cheat card allowed. The professor allowed it in and tweeted that he had learned a valuable lesson.

Details Matter.

Leases, wills, and contracts are no different. It is important that all legal documents are reviewed by someone who is trained to do so. The Garmon Law Firm is always ready to review and prepare your important legal documents. Take a moment to read this story and have a nice laugh to start your week off right.

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An article you WILL want to read…

I’m not planning on dying anytime soon but who in their 30’s does? I know that estate planning is usually never right under grabbing a nice dinner or sailing on the weekend plans but it really should be.

Estate planning does not have to be a scary thing! “Yeah Eric, but I’m too young for a will.” Whether you are 20 or 80 I hope that you are right but it never hurts to have your wishes written down. The shortest that I’ve ever heard was just three words, “All to Wife” and the longest in recorded history was 1,066 pages and 95,940 words. It’s a safe bet that you are going to fall somewhere in between.

“But Eric, I don’t own ANYTHING!”

FALSE! Just because you don’t own a home or any major assets does not mean that you don’t have things to give away. If you want your college roommate to get your favorite beer tap, your uncle to get your favorite comic book, or a local charity to receive your amazing Macbook, let’s write it down!

If you don’t believe that you have plenty to sort out, just trying moving. When I moved offices recently I had accumulated around 5 boxes of items in just three years!

“Ok Eric, I get it. I need a will. Do I need anything else?”

YES!!! There are other important planning documents that can make your life, as well as that of your friends and family, much easier should tragedy occur. Most of us have made remarks “If I get sick, do/don’t keep me plugged into a machine!” These conversations get more common as time goes on. Even if your friend or loved one knows your wishes, it’s a VERY hard decision for them to make. If they know that they are simply delivering your SPECIFIC wishes it can help them greatly when the time comes.

Living Will – This reflects your wishes as to medical intervention (what situations you want medical care for and what treatments you do or do not authorize)

Durable Power of Attorney – This allows another to act as though they were you. POA’s can be as narrow or as broad as you desire.

Whether you are incapacitated for 8 hour (we all remember college spring break) or 8 weeks, a living will and POA can both be extremely useful. These documents ARE NOT just for “old people.”

If you have any questions about the steps required to get your wishes reflected in a legal document, contact The Garmon Law Firm for more information!

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