Student Teaches His Professor an Important Lesson: Details Matter

In the practice of law, much like life, the smallest detail can make a monumental difference. Analyzing what something says is easily achieved by most but analyzing what it means can be another matter all together. Recently a college professor walked into his classroom for the semesters first test day to find a student with a 3′ x 5′ poster board full of notes. The professor checked his syllabus and there was in-fact no unit of measurement assigned to the “3 x 5” cheat card allowed. The professor allowed it in and tweeted that he had learned a valuable lesson.

Details Matter.

Leases, wills, and contracts are no different. It is important that all legal documents are reviewed by someone who is trained to do so. The Garmon Law Firm is always ready to review and prepare your important legal documents. Take a moment to read this story and have a nice laugh to start your week off right.

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