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My name is Eric Garmon, and I want to be your attorney. I don’t want to simply help with you an issue here and there; I want to be your first call when you have questions. I take pride in protecting my home, by continuing to serve as a  reserve police officer. I also serve in the Florida Justice Association, which helps develop trial skills to protect the rights of every Florida citizen.

It is an honor to have the opportunity to help my neighbors daily with a wide variety of legal problems.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

When I was in law school, I focused completely on civil litigation. I worked in the personal injury field for over three years during and after law school. Most all personal injury cases involve at least two insurance policies which are simply put, contracts. Because of this,  I understand contract law and I’m able to combine that with my knowledge of real estate to competently review both residential and commercial contracts and leases. I can also assist with real estate closings,  to ensure that the title to your home is valid.

Regarding landlord-tenant disputes, I can represent either the tenant or the landlord.  I can help to negotiate a dispute,  or appear in court if parties cannot reach an agreement.


Even if you feel that you have all the time in the world,  it is better to take care of all the matters relating to estate as soon as possible. You will need to know what kind of assets you have, and how much will be left after your creditors are paid.

When planning your estate, you should choose a personal representative (many times and in many states referred to as an executor) to follow your wishes from your will. That person may be required to perform several tasks, depending on your estate, so it is best to make sure that person understands the duties and can carry them out. I can help with any duties from writing your will to serving as an executor.

Traffic Tickets

Before I became an attorney, I served my community as a police officer. During my time as an officer I specialized in traffic offenses and traffic homicide investigation. I also taught DUI detection techniques to other police officers and was the lead investigator for hundreds of DUI arrests. While working at the Panama City Police Department, I was selected to serve as field training officer. As a training officer my daily tasks included teaching the proper elements (legal requirements) of crimes and more specifically traffic statutes.

All this training and experience gives me the ability to help clients who have received traffic tickets. Even though a ticket can seem like a minor offense, it can have a lasting impact on your driving record and insurance rates.

If you need help give me at call at The Garmon Law Firm today. If I’m unavailable, I’ll call you back!

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